Mending the Net: Everybody’s making love, or else expecting rain

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Everybody’s making love, or else expecting rain

Alright, so it’s official. Men still surprise me.

With women, things are easier – there’s an air of an edge about quite a lot of female relationships I encounter (“Does she look better than me?”, “Do men find her more attractive than me?”, “Am I at least smarter than her, with her perfect legs??”) but, as women, we tend to be aware of its existence and generally it’s easy to see what’s fuelling it: I find myself looking through lots of girls to the root of their ambitions and desires.

Men? Yes, it’s generally pretty simple to do there too, I think.

Yesterday morning, reader, I was surprised by a man. My socks, had I been wearing any at the beginning, would have been royally knocked off into the stratosphere by the end.

I haven’t been sleeping well recently. This is no great surprise to me as I have never really been so good at the whole “being asleep” deal. My mind ticks and tocks over and over, making it difficult to slow down, let alone get near to stopping. Recently, however, nightmares have been rearing their ugly heads and it’s not unusual for me to wake up breathless and wide-eyed as a deer caught in the headlights.

Imagine my surprise when, having fallen asleep after 1am, I woke ten minutes before my alarm for no good reason that I could find. Fair enough, I thought to myself somewhat blearily, I’d better get up then (since I have a lecture at 9am). On goes both my dressing gown and morning play-list, into the en-suite I stumble for a shower and the fulfilments of my morning’s personal hygiene regime.

Consider the scene – curtains still firmly shut, I sit down at my computer to check my emails, towel wrapped around dripping hair, considerably larger towel wrapped around soggy me. Suddenly I hear a noise. What on Earth? If I was at home I’d think a slate had fallen from the roof… but no, is that stones? Is someone throwing stones? The noise came again, twice more. Should I open the curtains and have a look? I might ruin someone’s romantic morning, but it’s something I’d like to see – very Romeo and Juliet! I wonder who’s throwing stones at whose window? Immediately I was wondering if anyone living near me had a secret admirer that I knew of.

My mind was drawing a blank so, gingerly, I peeked through between my curtains. Taking in what I saw, I pulled my head back and blinked profusely. That done, I looked again, and the same scene looked back at me or, rather, a good friend of mine from my course smiled and waved at me, then motioned stairs with his fingers. Still in shock, I nodded. Throwing my room key, tied on its pink ribbon chain, around my neck and my dressing gown tightly fastened around the rest of me I didn’t feel exactly ready to face the day, but it would do for now. I stepped through my doorway, out into the hall, and from there I opened the main door of our level of accommodation to my friend.

In he came.

“I couldn’t sleep,” he says, by way of an explanation. And it must’ve been true, as he lives two buses and a train’s journey away from here – over an hour away, I’d guess. The time, by now, was 7:40am.

What happened after that will take more time to tell than I can spare just now: suffice to say that it was nothing rash. Fear not, I shall take up the tale later on.


Blogger Angela said...

ohh men are so mysterious! I will be stopping by to check up on this saga ;)

8:15 pm  
Blogger Alyssa C. said...

Wow! Mysterious! :)

12:14 pm  

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